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Remembrance Project Launch at Carleton Street Orange Hall, Portadown

Remembrance Project Launch at Carleton Street Orange Hall, Portadown

Portadown Heritage Tours and Carleton Street Heritage Centre have come together to launch a new Remembrance Project for 2018 and raise money for Portadown Royal British Legion Poppy Fund.

Remembering Everyone

In November this year we will take part in commemorations to mark the 100th Anniversary of the end of the First World War.  Our aim is to remember all those who served in the First World War but we want to take it a step further and remember not only those who died but also all those who made it home.  All donations raised from this project will be going to Portadown Royal British Legion Poppy Fund.

Not only will our project be remembering those of the 1st World War but also the Wars and Conflicts that followed including Second World War, Korean War, Malaya Emergency, Mau-Mau uprising (Kenya), Aden (Middle East), Borneo Confrontation, Palestine, Oman (Middle East), Balkans (Bosnia etc), Falklands, Northern Ireland, Gulf War, Iraq and Afghanistan etc.

Coming Home

Our aim is to Remember all those men and women who survived the Wars and Conflicts and who returned home to live their lives and passed away later in life.  These Men and Women who served their country deserve to be remembered for the service they gave.

Our Project

We have put up a large Remembrance Board in Carleton Street Orange Hall and we Invite everyone to come along and have a Poppy placed in remembrance of a friend or loved one who served their country.

How it Works

  • Come along to the Hall, there is poppies available in the main hallway or contact us directly.
  • On one of the Poppies available write the name of the person you wish to remember along with the branch of the Armed Forces they served with and your own personal message.
  • Place your Poppy and your donation in the box provided.
  • Our guides will then take the poppies from the box and place them on the Remembrance Board.


This project will continue throughout 2018 and civilians who died as a result of terrorism during the ‘The Northern Ireland Troubles’ are also welcomed to be remembered o the board.

If you would like a Poppy placed on the board simply email with the name, branch of the armed forces and a personal message and we will add it to the board.

Daughters of Laura JWLOL 42

The Daughters of Laura will also be playing their part in the above project and they need your help!

We require the following items:

  • Red tops off Coca Cola Bottles
  • Green tops off Sprite Bottles
  • Black tops off Pepsi Max Bottles