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Kids Trail at Carleton Street Orange Hall

Kids Trail at Carleton Street Orange Hall

Looking for something fun and local for the kids to do this summer?

Portadown Heritage Tours are launching a Kids Treasure Trail at Carleton Street Orange Hall.  The Trail is available on Tuesday 6th August, Thursday 8th August, Tuesday 13th August, Thursday 15th August and Tuesday 20th August.   The Trail will be open from 9:30am until 3:00pm.

Kids Treasure Trail

The Trail covers the ground floor of the Orange Hall.  Each room has a different activity to complete as part of the Trail.  The Trail is suitable for Primary School aged children and younger children will also enjoy it but they may need some help along the way. Parents and Guardians must stay with children at all times.


Activities on the trail also have an educational element.  The activities cover historical topics such as the Formation of the Orange Order, the First World War, The Orange Order in different Countries and Museum investigation.  Also we have added a unique element as part of the activities.  Portadown Heritage Tours have set up a mock Lodge meeting for the kids to get involved in. The mock Lodge meeting gives a small insight into the Orange Order without giving away trade secrets!

For parents who would like to get their children involved in the Junior Orange, this offers a small insight into a general Lodge Meeting and the Orange Institution as a whole.

Fun Continues

The Trail will take approximately an hour to complete.  After the Trail is completed Parents/Guardians can take the kids upstairs to the large function room.  There they are free to run about in a safe environment.  There is lots of games available for them to play.  There is also different arts, crafts and colouring activities available.

We also have refreshments available for kids and adults.  The trail is priced at £3 per child. To book the trail contact the Portadown Heritage Tours office on 38332010 or search ‘Portadown Heritage Tours’ on Facebook and send us a private message.


The Boroughs first Mayors show

The Boroughs first Mayors show

The Boroughs first ever Mayor’s show was held on 27th May 1966 and was organised by Portadown junior chamber of commerce.  The Chief emphasis of the event was to showcase Portadown’s Industrial capacity. The show featured a procession of decorated floats, with local bands and organisations including youth organisations taking part.

Mayors Show 1966 f copy

Portadown Mayor at the time was Collr. R.J. Williamson.  An award for the best float on display was up for grabs, although this was not an easy win, as the competition was open to all of Co.Armagh.  It was described as the best event of its kind outside of Belfast.  The Chairman of the organising committee was Mr Bob Raj.

Mayors Show 1966 d[1] copyMayors Show 1966 a[1] copy

Sir John Lavery Painting

Sir John Lavery Painting

Sir John Lavery was born in Belfast on 17th March 1856.  He studied at the Glasgow College of Art and then progressed to London and Paris.  For his outstanding contribution to the art world he was knighted in 1918.  A painting of his capturing the image of an Orange Parade in Portadown on 12th July 1928 is on prominent display in the Ulster Museum in Belfast. On his arrival in the town he made his way to the Classic Bar  it was the perfect position to see and paint the Orange Parade.  Portadown has long been regarded as the Orange Citadel and this was probably what influenced Sir John to travel to the town on the morning of the twelfth.  Portadown is only a few miles from the Diamond area of Loughgall where the Orange Order was formed after the Battle of the Diamond in 1795.  Shortly after the battle, Portadown District was the first District formed in Ireland.